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Welcome to the March/April 2024 Digital Edition,
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with Jennifer Prather, CEO, Totelcom Communications, LLC, read her refreshing and honest perspectives about everything from BEAD red tape and permitting challenges to mixed-network architectures and developing a homegrown workforce.
Also in this issue:
An in-depth look at the realities of bandwidth demands on fiber and what is possible with the latest technology.
Verizon’s Doug Sullivan shares how military veterans' skills in engineering, supply chain, cybersecurity, finance, and communications benefit the broadband industry.
Preview what’s in store for 2024! Join us as we unveil the next wave of products, technologies, and educational insights, all aimed at resolving your network pain points.
Melissa Newman, Vice President of Government Affairs at TIA talks about the road ahead in workforce challenges as BEAD programs start rolling out across the U.S.
The first subsea cable company owned by a sovereign Indian Nation is opening up broadband access to the Quinault Indian Nation in the Pacific Northwest.
Paul Hendriks explains why service providers have a major edge when it comes to seizing smart home opportunities.
Jim Hayes discusses a conversation with FEMA, and the complex impacts of the increasingly extreme weather on communications infrastructure.
Mark Fishburn explains how this is a strategy to discover every vulnerability, strengthening and protecting across the entire organization and beyond.