Cyber protection for all those connected assets; Transit Authority choosing Hydrogen fuel cells
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March 22, 2023
Scenic Hill Solar is project developer with construction underway. CS Energy designed and installed the 20-MW solar, while KORE Power is contributing the microgrid controller system to help facilitate rapid response and mitigate power quality issues
The technology and motivations are there to make full home and building electrification happen. Some New York legislators want to make it the law.
Any industrial, commercial or service firm with operational technology using hardware and software to interact with physical assets is in danger from the bandits lurking in the digital badlands. Power utilities, facilities management, microgrids, etc.
US Hybrid, a subsidiary of Ideanomics, will assemble the hydrogen fuel cell propulsion system and manufacture associated parts at its facility in Torrance, California, while Fenton will carry out the installation of hydrogen propulsion kits into the vans