HOLT Renewables driving Solar-powered EV Charging; Google ga-ga for DERs
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April 26, 2023
The renewable energy microgrid, to be operational in 2025, is expected to lessen dependence on the traditional power grid, ensuring the hospital and its buildings stay functional during power outages
Capra uses a proprietary bioreactor and a biofilm-forming microbe to convert low-cost feedstocks, such as agricultural byproducts and food waste, into chemicals, including its first product: retinol
HOLT will join with bp pulse to develop the project for CapMetro. The solar photovoltaic canopy system will span 12 acres with more than 7,000 panels. This could supply more than 200 electric buses
The DER projects could benefit more than 25,000 families in low-to-moderate income communities The initial rollout will include solar projects within the PJM Interconnection, mainly in Ohio where Google operates a data center in New Albany