Highlights from Accenture IUEC; G-7 Nuclear Energy push
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April 19, 2023
The key challenge along the way is maintaining an open line of understanding resistance while lining up the evidence of what needs to happen and why it needs to happen. And always remember that good intentions don’t pay the bills. Customers do.
Initial production run on lithium is being stockpiled and prepared for shipment of about 15,000 metric tons by May. Sigma’s Brazil project focuses on production of dry stacked tailings include 100-percent hydroelectric and 100-percent water recirculation
“To support decarbonization at scale required, the international community must work to extend the operating period of existing nuclear generation resources, develop policies to enable new nuclear deployment and accelerate development of new projects."
The Sierra Estrella Energy Storage facility is expected to be completed in 2024 and be capable of storing up to 1 GWh of energy. The stored energy will be used by SRP customers during periods of peak electricity demand