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May 12, 2023
1.1 million zero-emission trucks and buses will be on the roads by 2030, if the ICCT forecast proves correct. Current BEV powertrains already achieve 13 miles per gallon of diesel equivalent compared to 7 MPG for diesel engines
The trial involved the injection of hydrogen gas into all 20 tuyeres at the Middletown #3 blast furnace, resulting in the production of low-emission pig iron – a crucial component in high-end steelmaking
The Phoenix-based startup is realigning its cost structure and capital investment toward H2 infrastructure and model production. Earlier this month, Nikola executed a joint development agreement with Voltera to develop up to 50 HYLA refueling stations
My surprise takeaway: Canada is No. 1., while China is ahead of the U.S. in renewables as part of the mix... and in the U.S., nuclear is still the breadwinner for carbon free power