IceBrick Energy Storage at the Waldorf; EV Charging at Stanford Medical
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June 21, 2023
The storage system is expected to provide cooling energy at less than 50 percent of the current cost and reduce annual CO2 emissions by 150-200 metric tons. Over the system’s lifespan, this equates to a reduction of more than 5,000 metric tons
The solar project converts a former three-story Macy’s store at Hanes Mall into an operations center for Truliant Federal Credit Union. The 742 panels are estimated to generate close to 485,000 kWh of on-site, carbon-free electricity in the first year
The first two projects saw the installation of a total of 31 EV charging stations at the Hoover Pavilion and Pasteur Visitor parking garages. These chargers are already in use and a third garage for staff is in the process of obtaining the necessary permi
The microgrid consists of solar carports, rooftop solar panels, a microgrid controller, and other electrical infrastructure. Also included is GreenStruxure’s Beyond the Grid digital AI platform